The "Fred Gordon" and the "John Boucher" are Workboat-Lifeboats that came from Canadian icebreakers. Both were built in British Columbia. They have the same hull and the same engine. Only the interior design is different.

Fred was acquired in 1996. Before, she was Lifeboat No.1 on CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier and was used as a Lifeboat. She was built in 1984.

John was acquired in 1998. Before, she was Workboat No.2 on CCGS Pierre Radisson. She was built in 1977.

Legend says that when the tanker ship was filling the fuel tanks for arctic villages, the John was used to push away ice and icebergs that would otherwise move between the tanker ship and the shore and damage the long hose.

Type: Workboat/Lifeboat
Length: 27 ft
Draught: 3 ft
Displacement: 10 000lbs
Propulsion: Dorman diesel, 4 cylinders, 35 HP, Air cooling
Construction: Fiberglass
Speed: 5 Knots

In 2000, we added a mast with towboat lights to accompany a 40 tons raft of wood as part of the celebration of City of Hull, from Gatineau to Québec City. The trip toke 37 days with 17 Scouts. Both of our Workboat was used for this activity.

Fred Gordon était… Jonh Boucher était…