We are interested in our local maritime heritage.

We have various ways that we participate in our community. We take the Pogo to boatshows, we have public open doors - in short, we invite anyone aboard to see the Pogo, and tell all about her significant history in the Cold War.

We also like to transmit historical knowledge about the shipwrecks in the immediate area, many of which are steamships.

Kettle Island is the biggest island between Ottawa and Gatineau, and is also of regional historical significance. It is now a nature preserve but at the end of the 19th century, it was an amusement park that could be visited by a steamship ferry.

We are often asked by the local media to comment on various regional maritime issues.

A big dream that we have is to create a regional maritime interpretation centre to facilitate the promotion of the historic Pogo, the wrecks and Kettle Island.