Dedicated Volunteers

Typically, Navy League branches are composed of parents of the cadets. This is the case in the Outaouais branch but Affaires Maritimes is the sub-committee that deals exclusively with the boats.

Also, usually, Navy Leage branches don't have boats for the cadets to use. Again with us this is different.

In 1996 (?) we aquired our first boat, Fred Gordon, "The Fred", then later another boat John Boucher "The John". It was already unusual for sea cadets to have boats to use, but we knew we were to aquire the Pogo in June 2005, so in 2004, we prepared for this by creating our sub-committee - Affaires Maritimes.

Having boats requires a lot of extra work, expense, and organization. Having a seperate group of people dedicated to this work allows us to put in enough time to get these things done. This also means that the other volunteers who look after the cadets have the time to do that.

Affaires Maritimes is unusual not just in that we have boats, but in that our members are not parents of the cadets. We have a very low turnover of volunteers, which means that there are long-term members who bring a consistancy to the organisation. This allows for long-term planning and investment in projects and activities.

We do not receive any ongoing subsidies, government or otherwise. All of our fundraising is done by our volunteers (and we are 100% volunteers), primarily using our boats for fundraising activities.