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From approximately mid-May until mid-October, the Pogo is docked at Hull Marina in Gatineau. By appointment, we would be happy to open her doors and let you inside and tell you all about her in English or French. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

Also, our weekly meetings (keep reading under Join Us!) are open to anyone who is interested to visit.


We are always looking for hands to help us out. We do a lot of different kinds of work - from exciting fundraising activities using our boats - to administration - to physical work. You are invited to come and see if you would be interested - we won't push you to volunteer in activities that don't interest you.

All of the volunteers work because we love what we do. Some of us are involved on a regular basis and some of us show up for specific activities.

We are also a social group and we meet once per week for a meeting and a chat. During the cold months we meet for lunch at noon at Brasserie de l'Isle, and during the months that Hull Marina is open, we meet on the docks for supper at 6:00pm (we bring our own food and BBQs are available for use). Whenever we are together we are great friends and we are a real motly crew - all different ages, women and men, and a real mix of experiences and interests.

Our meetings and activities are predominantly in French, however English speakers are very welcome and the majority of our members are bilingual. Some of our members find that this is a great way to improve their French skills (yours truly, the webmaster, included).


We would hardly be able to function without money. We receive no regular subsities. We do occasionally receive grants for specific activities, such as to bring the POGO to boat shows. The vast, vast majority of our money comes from our own hard work and we save as much money as we can through our own hard work of the repair and maintenance of our boats.

If you would like to give us a hand in this way, you can make a donation through PayPal:

You can also fill out the attached: coupon and mail your cheque to:
NLC – Outaouais Branch
PO Box 79203, Gatineau, Que, J8Y 6V2
Please specify POGO Project on your cheque