It is rare for a cadet corp to have access to boats and Affairs Maritimes is unusual in that we offer boats to cadets. This gives them the incredible opportunity to put into real practice the theoretical knowledge that the officers teach them during the winter months.

We have developed a practical course led by our capable officers, including six different working posts: helmsman, lookout, watchman/lifeguard, navigator, mechanic and communicator. Every cadet has the opportunity to practice each post onboard.

Outings which are regularely organized are: three hour outings, overnight outings and two day outings. Our own cadets "La Hulloise" regularely take part in these and we are now offering these outings to sea cadets from across Quebec and Ontario.

A visit to the national capital region can also involve other activities such as a visit to the Canadian War Muesum. We are able to organize a combination of activities that would allow all members of larger groups to take part in boat outings.

We are open to customizing outings to suit the interests of your group.