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(Gatineau-Ottawa Region)

The Outaouais branch of the Navy League of Canada supports the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corp "La Hulloise" (RCSCC 230). This cadet corp offers a program to youth in partnership with the Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defense.

This sea cadet program takes place in a stimulating environment full of possibilities offering progressive chalanges to young people of the Gatineau region of the province Quebec.

This program emphasizes the development of skills of civic responsibility and physical activity through the participation in various activities, largely supported by the Outaouais branch.

Of the 267 branches across the country, the Outaouais Branch stands out because of its continuous service to the community since 1971, its involvement in local maritime affairs and its commitment to provide training boats for its youth.

Our committee, called Affaires Maritimes, is unusual in Canada in that it was formed as a group specifically dedicated to the responsibilities of maintenance and financing of our boats. This was a trailblazing move to deal with the significant increase responsibility when we took the Pogo into our fleet in 2004.

We are a multi-faceted team of people and boats consistantly working to preserve a piece of history while providing youth fantastic opportunities for training, experience and growth.